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Although armoires are generally used for storing clothes, their unique and classic design of big cupboard area and drawers lends itself properly to used for other unique storage space closet ideas. If you have an armoire that you would like to get rid of, perhaps some of these ideas will have you changing your brain.Idea 1 - Home Entertainment Center. With the house entertainment center growing by the day with consoles, games and different media techniques, this classically designed piece of furniture makes it easy to stack everything apart and leave the family room looking attractive for entertaining adults and kids as well.Idea 2 - A SPARE TIME ACTIVITY House For MORE PLEASURABLE. An ideal addition to the playroom, den or recreational area. The shelves and drawers are great for storing all kinds of hobby items from sporting equipment to puzzles all the way to paiting and drawing materials. Allowing the kids to personalize it with some enjoyment painting ideas may also make it theirs rather than yours.Idea 3 - Your Linen Storage Solution. As an attractive piece of furniture, your armoire could be put into any location around the house sufficient reason for it versatile arrangement of closet room, shelving and drawers, it creates the ideal linen storage space closet with area for larger items such as pillows and duvets and smaller sized spaces for pillow cases and towels.Idea 4 - Country Style Kitchen Storage. While armoires are not generally considered kitchen furniture, they make ideal storage space solutions for a country style kitchen. Don't be surprised if your armoire turns into the most versatile piece of furniture in your home, as they move from space to room and functionality to function. small bedroom ideas

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